Welcome! We create the new surgical software planning paradigm.

Who We Are?

Based in the center of Lausanne, Switzerland, we build a cutting-edge solution based on the latest technology in order to streamline pre-operative planning based on CT imaging for the orthopaedic surgeons that ultimately can replace standard radiological measurements made on 2D radiographs completed within the same standard clinical time.


We have more than 20 years of experience in the domain of software engineering and medical imaging.


Ernesto Durante, Co-founder and Associate

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Julien von Siebenthal, Co-founder and Associate

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What We Do?

What stimulates our work is to simplify as much as possible the way applications are made for medical practitioners. We strive to eliminate unneccessary buttons, clicks, any components that could distract the surgeons from the goal of preparing a surgery. For that, a higher automatisation is required and a simplification on the user interface is needed, we aim therefore to transform a standard medical software solution into a simple media document where computation takes place in less than a minute placing the surgeon directly afterwards into a pure surgical context for the remaining time of the procedure. Our product can run from the user machine as a standalone solution or on the web directly.

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